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IPP Capabilities

Improved Piping Products, Inc.® (IPP) has developed a position of leadership in the engineering design, manufacture and distribution of piping flange systems. With over thirty years of piping industry experience employed in its patented IPP Deltaflex® convoluted flange design, IPP has been instrumental in bringing reduced costs and increased performance to flanging systems. IPP Deltaflex® flange technology is an innovative, modern high-performance flange design that is adaptable to steel as well as all thermoplastic piping systems. Our company is committed to further research and to offering its clients cost effective, quality products. IPP strengths are:

  • Design of custom flanging systems providing maximum performance at minimum cost
  • Manufacture of high quality flanges and HDPE fittings at minimum cost to the client
  • Delivery stocking on-hand inventory to support a robust and growing industry.
  • Service through a dedicated support staff to insure you get the right product when you need it

With its considerable resources, IPP is indeed the full service flange company with a strong commitment to customer needs. In addition – the San Antonio plant now offers MJ Adapters, Reducers, Wall Anchors and a variety of straight line transitions.


Clients rely on IPP’s professional staff to provide custom design, hard research and answers to difficult flange engineering problems. IPP engineers utilize its patented IPP Deltaflex® flange technology to increase flange performance, reduce weight and save money for clients across a broad spectrum of industries. The FEA derived Deltaflex@ ring coupled with our high quality PE Flange provides a connection you can depend upon. IPP is always happy to work with the engineering community and customer base in designing product that is needed to support the thermoplastic pipe industry.

Quality Control

Quality assurance programs are at the heart of IPP’s manufacturing expertise. The Quality Assurance Laboratory at Improved Piping Products is equipped with state-of –the-art equipment and staffed with trained quality control technicians. The laboratory performs routine testing on all fittings produced to insure quality is guaranteed. HDPE fittings are tested to Quality Plans as per AWWA C 906, ASTM D 3261 and ASTM D 2513. Certification to NSF is also provided for our fittings.

Types of testing include long term, burst pressure testing, dimensional testing, carbon black content, carbon black dispersion, and density tests which are rigorously carried out throughout the production process insuring our fullest commitment to the highest industry standards.

Our Quality Control department is also involved in offering technical assistance to the latest industry standards. This program has radically improved productivity, quality and on-time performance, allowing IPP to offer the most cost competitive product lines in the piping industry.

Quality Manufacturing

By focusing on the original goal of high quality backing rings at an economic price for the piping industry - IPP has been able to develop a winning formula for manufacturing this type of product. IPP maintains its own plant and employees in its Shanghai manufacturing facility. With over three decades of experience IPP management knows this is the only way to insure the quality product our customers expect. All of our HDPE product is molded in-house and we use part of the same management team as in our San Antonio Production facility to maintain consistent, repeatable and well documented manufacturing practices. Speaking of our San Antonio, Texas facility – it features a state-of-the-art extrusion winding process specifically for HDPE fittings manufacturing. Not equipment modified or manipulated to produce fittings. This equipment is the only one of its kind in the USA, and we will continue to increase our domestically produced product offerings.


IPP has distributors selling all over the world with strategic operations in North America, South America and Europe. Improved Piping Products are found world wide.

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