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High Density Polyethylene Beveled Flange Adapters IPS - 2" to 24"

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Material Designation:
PE 4710


Meets Requirements:
AWWA C906 (4" & up) ; ASTM D2513; ASTM D3261
Meets Dimensional Requirements:
AWWA C906 (4" & up) ; ASTM D3261
Submittal available upon request

Ongoing engineering design efforts may affect the technical information listed in our publications.

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Improved Piping Products has the full capability to custom design HDPE flange adapters to work with butterfly valves.  Butterfly valves have a disc that rotates outside the valve body and in many situations (depending on the SDR) the disc will rotate and hit the ID of a standard flange adapters.  By modifying the ID of a flange adapter with a bevel, the disc can operate properly.  However, to correctly calculate the bevel degree IPP requires either the valve specifications or the customer fill out our valve request sheet (click here).

The final consideration is line pressure.  With certain bevels, the flange adapter may not perform at the proper pressure.  IPP can overcome this in many cases by using a lower SDR (2” to 16”) with a thicker hub or by manufacturing a thicker hub (18” to 63”).  In all bevel requests, a signed drawing is necessary prior to production.

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